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We are film people who recognize the power of cinema. Film has the capacity to ignite social change; entertain; educate; inspire; generate critical thinking; and to kindle the flames of Imagination from one generation to the next. Which is why we as a film collective relish in the ability to celebrate new voices in the art of cinematic storytelling. It is through our distribution partnership and private screenings that we ultimately intend to provide our winners with a platform by which their careers, and growth as professional filmmakers can have the opportunity to prosper.

who we are

As a collective of award-winning Actors; Producers; Directors; and Writers we believe in the celebration of filmmakers and their work. We know how hard it can be to dedicate your life to your artform, which is exactly why we were inspired to become a conduit for that very process of mentorship and recognition. We believe that there is an inherent responsibility embedded in the art of film which can highlight profound moments in the human experience. We strive to accomplish this in our own work, and we started VIFAwards to celebrate that same work in our fellow filmmakers as well.

Meet the Jury



Director / Producer / Actor / Stunt Coordinator

Kimani landed his first big break as a stunt performer on Jackie Chan’s RUMBLE IN THE BRONX (94). Thereafter, Kimani spent the next 26 years garnishing numerous action roles in Hollywood blockbusters, such as; I ROBOT, SALT, A-TEAM, TWILIGHT, TOTAL RECALL and DEADPOOL to name a few.

Bradley Stryker


Bradley has been an active professional in Film/TV for going on 20+ years. His feature film debut, LAND OF SMILES, was a 35x Award-Winning film on the festival circuit.

Aleks Paunovic


Aleks Paunovic is an actor and stunt coordinator with over 150 Film/TV credits to his name, including TNT’s SNOW PIERCER, VAN HELSING, THE 100, Apples hit show SEE and the epic film WAR OF THE PLANET OF APES.

Kaleena Kiff


Producer Kaleena Kiff won a Scotish BAFTA for Best Picture with the film THE LEGEND OF BARNEY THOMSON starring Emma Thompson, Robert Carlyle & Ray Winstone. She is currently developing a TV series with Academy Award winning novelist John Irving (CIDER HOUSE RULES). Kaleena is a member of the Producers Guild of America and the Canadian Media Producers Association.

Patrick Gilmore


Patrick Gilmore has been a professional actor for going on 20+ years. He is known for his roles as Dr. Dale Volker on the SyFy Network’s STARGATE UNIVERSE & the notorious wealthy entrepreneur, Tom Drexler, on AMC’s hit, THE KILLING. Patrick can also be seen as David on Netflix’s series, TRAVELERS.

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